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BRM Bristell – Rotax 100  (100HP)

    • Dual / Supervised Solo $230.00/hr   ($215.00/hr for high school or tertiary students under 25 years of age)
    • Private Hire $210.00/hr

BRM Bristell – Jab 3300  (120HP)

    • Dual / Supervised Solo $260.00/hr
    • Private Hire $235.00/hr

Other services:

    • Own RA Aircraft training $110.00 /hr
    • Ground Briefing $55.00/hr
    • Private Tuition $55.00/hr
    • Workshops – price varies with numbers attending


Central West Flying School

Central West Flying School

Modern Flight Training Facilities at Central West Flying

Central West Flying school facilities are comfortable and functional with a control tower view over Bathurst Aerodrome and further into the Bathurst Region.   Our training systems are computerised, giving students the best possible environment to learn, prepare and lodge flight plans, do private study and sit their theory exams