Pilot Certificate


Upon successful completion of this course you will be issued will a Pilot Certificate by Recreational Aviation Australia. Depending upon the GA qualifications you hold will depend upon the endorsements which will be issued with the Pilot Certificate

 Minimum Requirements

  • Hold a GA Pilot Licence
  • Health sufficient to hold an Australian drivers license
  • Physically able to reach and manipulate aircraft controls
  • Read and speak English

Course Structure & Investment

1 hours Extended Briefing $55.00
2 hours Supervised Solo in Jabiru J170-D $390.00
4 hours Dual in Jabiru J170-D $780.00
Annual RA AUS Membership $215.00
TOTAL $1,440.00

Please note costs based on a typical student flying our Jabiru J170-D and actual costs may vary.

 Further Information

Central West Flying School operates in the fastest growing segment in Australian aviation, Recreational Flying, and also offers access to General and Commercial Aviation, in conjunction with Bathurst based Ward Air. Combined, we have instructors with a wide range of experience from hang gliding and ultralights right through to multi-engine general aviation and we operate modern aircraft in the recreational and general aviation categories. This provides the best possible instruction in the best surroundings, with reliable weather, at a reasonable price.

Central West Flying School and Ward Air have the benefit of being associated with the Bathurst Aero Club, an institution in the Bathurst Flying community that has been operating continuously since 1962. This adds diverse experience and other support to the schools and provides us and our students with access to comfortable licensed premises. The Club premises are able to cater for training groups of up to 20 people and social events of up to 80 people.

Modern Flight Training Facilities at Central West Flying

Central West Flying school facilities are comfortable and functional with a control tower view over Bathurst Aerodrome and further into the Bathurst Region.   Our training systems are computerised, giving students the best possible environment to learn, prepare and lodge flight plans, do private study and sit their theory exams.